Purchase with a Purpose is a joint effort by the Centralia Chamber of Commerce and Centralia Regional Economic Development Incorporated (CREDI). This purchase local campaign was created in order to take an active approach in educating consumers on the benefits and advantages of purchasing merchandise and services from local businesses.

A specific logo was designed for this program as well as a Facebook page to promote this campaign. Across the face of our community, you will find Purchase with a Purpose posters in storefronts and beside cash registers re-minding you how important your dollars are to local businesses. These participating merchants may be offering discounts, promotions or monthly drawings to encourage you to purchase from them. Be sure to visit and “Like” the Purchase with a Purpose Facebook page to learn more about sales and promotions from area businesses.
When you Purchase with a Purpose, a portion of your sales tax goes for City services. Those tax dollars help to maintain our streets and improve city services that directly affect this community. Tax dollars help support our park system to fund improvements like shelter houses, play equipment and the new Recreation Center.

Your dollars matter!!!

Centralia has a vibrant business district and shopping with these merchants and service providers is the difference between keeping their doors open or closing them. Purchasing local allows these business owners to hire employ-ees that live and work in our community. These merchants and their employees shop along with the rest of us. They buy homes and volunteer in our clubs, organizations and schools. They generously donate dollars to support activities and events that keep Centralia alive. When you make the effort to Purchase with a Purpose your deci-sion impacts the face of our community.
As in all small towns, you may not believe you can find everything you need in Centralia. But you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can purchase local if you will just shop here first. If you don’t find something you need, ask because no one will take better care of you than our local merchants. When you Purchase with a Purpose, merchants and service providers remember who you are and because they live and work beside you, will give you better service than strangers in other communities.  We encourage you to support the Purchase with a Purpose project and the merchants that live and do business here. Understand the impact your dollars make to our local economy and to the livelihood of our community. We ask you to shop here first before you take your dollars down the highway.